Snakefice it's a game about sacrifice... strategic sacrifice.

You should use your old body as blocks to traverse the level and reach the portal.

I hope you had fun playing it.


- Use arrow keys to move

Designer note: This concept has a huge design space and just with the spikes and blocks that are in the game is possible to create super interesting levels... BUT, it's surprisingly hard and time-consuming to design this kinda puzzle. I feel that the game could be better in the sense that there are so many possibilities even with so simple elements, unfortunately, I was very short on time and couldn't do a better job in the level design.


Youtube channel: Creational Labs (Luc) - YouTube


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AuthorCreational Labs
Made withUnity
Tagscreationallabs, Game Jam, movement-puzzle, sacrifice, sacrifise-puzzle, snake, snakefise, snake-puzzle, Unity, wowie

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