Enemy Control is a puzzle game about movement.

Your goal is to manipulate the enemy position to reach the door.

I choose this mechanic because is very connected to the theme and it provides a naturally balanced design for the game. More enemies provide more danger for the player but at the same time give more opportunities to use them for movement.

I'm very happy with the results, the game is fun to play, but I have a lot of problems with balance in the level design. Until now I don't know if the levels are too easy or hard.

I hope you enjoyed the game! :)

---- spoiler alert! ----

If you have trouble with some level you can use the m key to jump to the next level or use the n key to return to previous level.


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Love the game! level design is pretty descent. A bit challenging though. Art's pretty good, no bugs that I know of If I could rate it, 5 out of 5! (can't because I worked with a team and didn't submit my own technically)