Don't get Zucked! is a game about fighting the urge to use social media and avoid procrastination.

Use the mouse to move and complete the tasks staying on top of them.

Twitter: @CreationalLabs

Development log


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Great game - it only took a few seconds to pick up but was challenging. Nicely done.

Thanks bro :)

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super cool game <3 procrastination theme checked, but looks like not low eff.
Anyway I really like it, well-done! 

(Edit: sorry, your game is true low eff)

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Yeap, I ended up having more time than expected initially so it was not SO low eff, it was something like 12 hours of development. 

But putting it in perspective ... the background is just a 5 pixel cross repeated hundreds of times, the checkpoints are just a small circle inside a bigger one with a different color, I used a Tween library for animations, so any type animation in the game is literally just 1 line of code, the game has no sound or music, I didn’t draw any sprites, the movement mechanics is just a rigidbody.AddForce in the direction of the mouse and the gravity fields are an AddForce towards the center of the field, So I think it still counts as low effort.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! :)

(#edit: perspective part)